Music Review: ‘Delhi Belly’ album IS experimental

Composer Ram Sampath was in news once for the infamous Krazzy Four title song controversy with Rakesh Roshan and people in the industry told that ram will never be able to work in Bollywood again. But he is kicking those who told this nonsense. He gave a youthful kind of track in Luv ka The End which was pretty contemporary but with Delhi Belly Ram Sampath scores a home-run. Really his score in the movie Delhi Belly is very experimental with the compositions he has created, the song D.K. Bose has already become the new anthem for the youth and can be heard anywhere in colleges or school. People are just humming this song.

But the album is surely not just one song based, all the songs are really cool and Ram has been very experimental with tunes and the lyrics are way too funny and will create waves. Lyrics have been penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya and he too seems to have broken all the shackles and seriously the music of this movie will be a high point in the coming weeks and will help gain popularity for the movie.

The album has10 tracks and all of the 10 are very different from each other. The songs have one thing in common; some really uncommon and unconventional musicstyle and some absurd yet really cool lyrics.

On the whole, the music in the album is pretty much very unusual, and you may have never heard such songs, the lyrics are so funny, yet have a meaning and it is used very refreshingly. So by far themusic is very far from what you called typical Bollywood songs and surely this album breaks the monotony which has plagued the Bollywood music industry. It’s a very nice break and a verry experimental one to say the least. This album soon will be topping all the charts that’s for sure and surely will be grabbing attention from lame TV news channels (TV news issnme Penchar waal link daalna).

My favorite of the lot surely is Bhaag D K Bose.On the whole, the music is unusual, breaks monotony and is far from being typical


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