Aarakshan Review : Booring but an Engaging film. 2.5/5

AARAKSHAN is about Prabhakar Anand (Amitabh Bachchan), who has been the pillar of a private college in Bhopal for more than 30 years. The idealistic principal believes in merit, but at the same time is considerate towards poor students who can’t score great marks. Deepak who is immensely helped by Prabharkar, is in love with his daughter, Poorbi (Deepika Padukone). Sushant (Prateik) is a good friend of Poorbi and studies in the same college.

A comment in a newspaper on the Supreme Court’s order on reservation lands Prabhakar in a tough spot. He resigns from his post giving way to the scheming Mithilesh Singh (Manoj Bajpai), who’s part of the institute but concentrates more on his private coaching classes. Due to his evil plans, Prabhakar and his family are even forced to give up their home. Will Prabhakar be able to reclaim his life, is what ensues.

Based on the social issue of reservation, Prakash Jha’s AARARSHAN has its heart at the right place. But it takes so long to convey its message that you run out of patience. The first half, despite taking too long (two back-to-back songs) to get to the central plot, is pretty good. The conflicts between the characters make for a compelling watch. But after the interval, Prakash loses his grip as the narrative just drags. It becomes laborious and repetitive watch, with the story moving at a snail’s pace. The climax is too good to be true and fails to have a great impact.

Aarakshan tells an engaging story with very characters taken directly from the real life. Though the film is convincing,but the film is too long to bear..

Aarakshan works as a film that delivers a forceful message.

It is disappointing and a huge let down if in case the viewer is expecting an engaging conversation and a perspective on India’s reservation system.

RATINGS :- 2.5/5


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