Bodyguard Strengthens Position , all set for a huge weekend of over 65 cr

The estimated FTI of Aarakshan was 24 last week and it has marginally dropped to 22 this week. The drop may not look significant but will affect the first week collections significantly. The film has been dogged by controversies over the last few weeks. If the producers hoped that these controversies would pull the audience to the theatres to watch the controversial film, the FTI does not support their optimism. The awareness of the film is quite high, interest is high but the urgency is low. The urgency could have been affected by the anticipated ‘Law and Order problems’ at the theatres. A fallout of this concern could have some positive effect on Phhir.

Bodyguard continues to strengthen its position. The FTI of the film is around 57 and it is likely to stabilise around this number. Ready’s FTI was 42 on the day of release and we expect Bodyguard to be around 55-58 on the day of its release. With an FTI around this number one can look at a film worth Rs 130-150 crore.

Yeh Dooriyan’s FTI is around six and this has a chance of quickly climbing up to about ten on the date of release. This movie may be a pleasant surprise at the box-office, but we need to look at its numbers next week.


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