Aarakshan Review : Booring but an Engaging film. 2.5/5

AARAKSHAN is about Prabhakar Anand (Amitabh Bachchan), who has been the pillar of a private college in Bhopal for more than 30 years. The idealistic principal believes in merit, but at the same time is considerate towards poor students who can’t score great marks. Deepak who is immensely helped by Prabharkar, is in love with his daughter, Poorbi (Deepika Padukone). Sushant (Prateik) is a good friend of Poorbi and studies in the same college.

A comment in a newspaper on the Supreme Court’s order on reservation lands Prabhakar in a tough spot. He resigns from his post giving way to the scheming Mithilesh Singh (Manoj Bajpai), who’s part of the institute but concentrates more on his private coaching classes. Due to his evil plans, Prabhakar and his family are even forced to give up their home. Will Prabhakar be able to reclaim his life, is what ensues.

Based on the social issue of reservation, Prakash Jha’s AARARSHAN has its heart at the right place. But it takes so long to convey its message that you run out of patience. The first half, despite taking too long (two back-to-back songs) to get to the central plot, is pretty good. The conflicts between the characters make for a compelling watch. But after the interval, Prakash loses his grip as the narrative just drags. It becomes laborious and repetitive watch, with the story moving at a snail’s pace. The climax is too good to be true and fails to have a great impact.

Aarakshan tells an engaging story with very characters taken directly from the real life. Though the film is convincing,but the film is too long to bear..

Aarakshan works as a film that delivers a forceful message.

It is disappointing and a huge let down if in case the viewer is expecting an engaging conversation and a perspective on India’s reservation system.

RATINGS :- 2.5/5

Bodyguard Does Not Have Common Factor Of Big Grossers

The common factor amongst the big grossers over the past few years has been open weeks and limited competition. It is a fact that the four biggest grossers today Three Idiots, Dabangg, Ready and Ghajini have all had three open weeks and films which come next like Golmaal 3 and Raajneeti did not have as much of a clear run. Singham which will ends it run in 6th or 7th position has also had three open weeks.

Bodyguard will be expected to be amongst the above top four films but does not have the advantage of open weeks. Bodyguard has the advantage of a nine day first week but will have competition in its all important second and third week.

Till date the highest grossing film which had competition from a successful film releasing a week after is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara which will gross around 87 crore nett. Prior to that was Hosefull which grossed around 72 crore nett. Golmaal 3 which grossed 107 crore nett had competition from day one but it was from an unsuccessful film Action Replayy.

SOURCE :- Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Boxoffice Prediction

HERE IS Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’S Boxoffice Prediction :-

First look: Ek Tha Tiger…

First look: Ek Tha Tiger…

Yash Raj Films has released a first of its kind online digital poster for Salman-Katrina starrer Ek Tha Tiger. The film also hits the floors today. Salman Khan is working for the first time with Yash Raj banner.

Salman Khan is excited about working with Yash Chopra for the first time, “In

the past Adi and I have met a few times on various projects but somehow, when Kabir and he came to me with this particular story, we all just knew that this was the one. It is a very ambitious project and will be a challenge for all of us, but that’s exactly what makes it such a big draw. Above all this, I’m honoured to be working with Yashji, who has worked so closely with my Dad in the past,” he told a daily.

The romantic thriller is directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Aditya Chopra. This will be Kabir’s third collaboration with the banner.


Ek Tha Tiger would hit the theatres in 2012.

Akshay Kumar Speaks, Prays For England!

Akshay Kumar via facebook account: London riots…

Here’s Akshay Kumar’s facebook post in relation to the unforunate London Riots :

It is so shocking only weeks after filming HOUSEFULL 2 in London, that London and England is now being destroyed by its very own bored, misled & ungrateful youths. The circumstance for which these horrific riots came about is very sad, but this is no way to handle vengeance.

I have friends in London restricted to their homes for fear of being robbed or caught in fire blasts on their way to work or shopping.

The world is suffering enough, Africa is dying of thirst, the Middle East is on full alert, India is getting over its own terror attacks, but good old England the very country so many rely on is being battered by its own angered youngsters who have threatened & abused the very city that has taken care of them!!

I really hope everyone back in England keep themselves as well as their families safe. Stay low for a while or if u want fight back, but safely, it is your prerogative after all…

People this is not the way to make your voice heard, i understand why people are angry but in this day and age how do humans still react the same way cave men once did…

Lets all take care of our countries, they may not work exactly how we want them to but they keep us safe/warm/clothed/employed (most of the time) …


Love and Prayers to all mankind…









Ajay Devgn-‘I’ve been waiting for a Singham for years’…Exclusive interview with ajay devgn..

He’s back in action, coming back into his own, in his upcoming release, Singham. Man of the moment Ajay Devgn tells Mujtaba Azim,our trade analyst  that experimenting with genres is what keeps the audience guessing.

Everyone is saying that Ajay Devgn is back with an action film but most of your films have had action in them.
In a way, that is correct. All three Golmaals and All The Best have had action in them but in those films, action played a small part. Whereas in Singham, action is not just one of the parts, it is a part of the film. The film is predominantly an actioner. So the audience will watch me doing a hardcore action film after seven or eight years.

Why did you keep your audience waiting for so long? 
It’s not that I decided to switch loyalties and do non-action movies. But you can’t keep doing action films one after another.The audiences would get bored. Plus, when you decide to make an action film, the subject needs to be very strong. You can’t just have one action scene following another – action merely for the sake of action. They need to be blended well with the plot.

I’ve been waiting for a script where the action was believable, where the action goes hand-in-hand with the plot; where, even in scenes that did not have any action in them, there was an undercurrent of it. Singham has everything you could need in an action film. I’ve been waiting for such a script for years.

What makes Singham different from other action films? 
Action filmon me mein sirf action hota hai. But is film mein solid intensity hai. And action itne stylised way mein kiya hai. That’s the USP of the film. See, there is either raw action in a film or stylised action. But to date, no one has tried to present raw action in a stylised way.

Right from the script to my role to the kind of action in the film and the way Rohit (Shetty) has designed the film, everything will be a treat for the audience. When you see the promo, it gives you a high. And that’s exactly how we wanted the film to turn out, to excite the audience from the very first frame. And that is already the kind of reaction we are getting.

What kind of reactions are you getting?
You know, don’t you?

Still, tell us, what are the reactions you are getting? 
Arey yaar, we are getting fabulous reactions. People who are with me will obviously love it and rave about it. But we tried to find out from outside and the response has been great. Our production team even went and spoke to the janta and the praise for the trailer was unanimous. Half the battle is won, and come July 22, we will know the rest. (Smiles)

It is still hard to accept that you could keep yourself away from out-and-out action films for so long.
It may sound clichéd but, trust me, I’ve just been waiting for a film like Singham. There’s no charm in making action films just because people love watching me in them. Also, if you try and attempt the same genre again and again, the impact starts lessening.

So we can say that you got tired of doing comedy films and have now shifted back to action? 
Are you trying to put words in my mouth? Well, if you go through my films, you will notice that I have never stuck to one genre. I’ve always tried to attempt something new, something different with each release.

Can we call movies like Apaharan and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai action movies? 
These were character-driven projects. In Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, I don’t fight. The moment I got into a fight in the film, it weakened the impact of my character.

When you take up a project, you need to play the character and you need to be loyal to it. The moment you try to become bigger than the character, it affects your film. If I’m playing Sultan Mirza, I need to be Sultan Mirza. I can’t add one action scene just because the audience would love to watch Ajay Devgn doing an action scene. It’s very important to play your character and be truthful to it.

Do you offer your inputs on the sets? 
If I were going to offer my inputs, I would rather direct the film myself. When I come across a subject where I feel only I can make it, I will direct the film and not depend on another person to direct it. But when you say yes to a project as an actor, that means you have agreed that the director of that film will do justice to it. As an actor, my job is to play the character the way the director has conceived it.

Rohit Shetty started his career with Abhishek Bachchan and you in Zameen, which was also an action film. You are now teaming up with him after a hiatus of eight years, for another action film. How does that feel?
Rohit is fabulous with action. A lot of people can make good action films but he presents action in a way that others cannot imagine. From the trailer, you must have realised the hard work Rohit has put into this film. But seeing is believing. So till the film releases, people will keep getting hints through each successive teaser.

Is it because you guys have been working together for so long that you could wrap up Singham so quickly?
Tuning and understanding are very important. It’s very important to strike a rapport with the people you are working with. So in certain films, when the tuning and understanding of the crew are good, work obviously progresses faster and smoother and the teamwork shows. And there’s so much positivity on the sets, it reflects in the product. (Smiles)

There’s talk in the trade that you didn’t do Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan because you wanted to do Singham. Is that true? 
What rubbish! I was committed to the other films and I didn’t have the dates to do Aarakshan. Prakashji wanted to shoot for Aarakshan but I had committed the same dates to other projects. That’s why I couldn’t work with Prakashji this time.

Is there any ill feeling between the two of you?
What ill feeling? And why? We have made so many films together and we have a good working rapport and personal relationship. This time, I was committed to other projects and couldn’t do his film. In future, we will work together.

Some people say an actor should do a limited number of films but you do so many movies a year.
(Cuts in) You have the time to count the number of films I am doing but you also need to find out if they belong to the same genre. Having said that, I somewhat agree that you should cut down on the number of films you do. I am doing films because I try not to repeat my genres. So agar Golmaal ke baad Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji aati hai aur phir Singham aati hai toh who ekdum contrast ho jata hai. That works for me.

Do you plan to cut down on work? 
I have done that already. Last year, I had five or six releases. This year, I have three, next year I will have two.

Top 25 india’s biggest second week nett collections

The top 25 all India biggest second week nett collections are as follows.

1. Three Idiots – 56.24 crore

2. Dabangg – 35.97 crore

3. Ready – 32.68 crore

4. GolmaaL 3 – 31.92 crore

5. Ghajini – 26.50 crore

6. Singham – 25.01 crore

7. Rab Ne Bana Di JodI- 24.56 crore

8. Raajneeti – 23.92 crore

9. Om Shanti Om – 22.18 crore

10. Dhoom 2 – 21.07 crore

11. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – 19.53 crore

12. Welcome – 19.44 crore

The top 13-25 all India HIGHEST second week nett collections are as follows.

13. Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na – 18.34 cr

14. Partner – 18.30 cr

15. Krissh – 17.48 cr

16. My Name Is Khan – 17.55 cr

17. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani – 17.37 cr

18. Wanted – 17.33 cr

19. Love Aaj Kal – 16.39 cr

20. Chak De India – 16.31 cr

21. Singh Is Kinng – 16.12 cr

22. Lage Raho Munnabhai – 15.08 cr

23. Race – 14.89 cr

24. Yamla Pagla Deewana – 14.73 cr

25. Delhi Belly – 14.61 cr