Meet all the characters from Ra.One!!



So guys now the count down has come down to 26days for the date Ra.One will arrive near you in 3D, for your information we are giving you the introduction about all the important characters in Ra.One so here it goes..


G.One aka The Good one is the G series – x 555 Videogame Superhero with the sole objective to protect Lucifer (Prateek Subramanium). With properties including the Kinematics – @ 1,86,282 MPZ per second. The dude’s got speed! He can cruise faster than a blink of your ‘peep-lid’. For senior folks the term is eye-lids, Invigorated electrical component which energizes up to 174PW. (1PW = 1015Zatts) Vocal apparatus is equipped with cognitive ability to interpret 400 languages. Demodulating Sonic Frequencies from the macrocosm that apprises him of impending danger, Retinal Broadcasting Pixel empowered with a radiation scanner and X-ray vision. G.One controls the art of ‘ Controlled Probability’ and G.One can fly.


They say, ‘Evil has no face


Shekhar Subramanium is a video game designer… who makes the villain ‘crash and bomb’ in his video games but unfortunately so do all his video games…. ‘crash and bomb’ in real time.

Normally, nerds hang with other nerds, but surprisingly he got hold of some popping and locking friends, Jenny, a kickass computer hacker and a ‘Boom Ting’ – cool babe. She’s been to jail and all- for hacking into the FBI meat. And then, there is the funny man Akashi, you can also call him Jackie Chan, but Shekhar’s best buddy is Iyer, his oldest pal. You can call them ‘chaddi buddies’ or ‘BB- Boxer Buddies’.


Sonia Subramanium aka SSS – Sonia Shekhar Subramaniam, is a writer to ‘SWEAR’ by. If Shekhar has a double PHD in ‘Nerdology’, Sonia has topped that with a triple PhD in ‘Abuse-o-logy’. No it has nothing to do with zoology, but it has everything to do with abuses and men


Prateek Subramanium aka Lucifer is a ‘GAME-OTHIC – which incidentally is an upgraded version of gameohlic. He doesn’t have many ‘besties’, as most of them can’t keep up with me… but some dorks have stuck around over the years… ET, who’s best described as a kook! (Rumour has it… his last interaction was with an alien…since then he hasn’t uttered a word!). April his mate- she may be a girl but slam-dunks better than all the guys around her! And then there’s Naina.


He bears the title of ‘Boss from hell’ aka ‘Barron’. He has just topped the ‘Billionaires club’, and is busy moving on to the ‘trillion-aires’ list! Well, this one surely loves his greens and we don’t just mean veggies.


Iyer …aka ‘Mota Iyer’ is 45 years down-hill now! And is single handedly responsible for all the ‘potholes’ and ‘craters’ in the Balaji Colony


Jenny Nayar’s not in the ‘earth zone’ like us ‘earthlings’, she floats in ‘cyber zone’, and is the world’s best hacker. She has hacked into the FBI database and is currently hacking into #$%^&^%4… sorry can’t spill the beans here.

~~Long Live Shahrukh Khan

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