Ra.one 4th day Actual – 14.05 cr nett [ as per our early estimates ] .

Ra.One (hindi) dropped on its fourth day as it collected around 14-14.25 crore nett as per early estimates.

The major drops came in the North India and Central India as these places dropped around 15%. West Bengal and South had similar collections to the day before while Mumbai circuit was a bit less.

The film has now collected 67 crore nett now after four days which is exactly the same same collection Bodyguard had after four days.

The regional version has collected 4.50 crore nett in four days and is dropping fast.

The 5 day weekend record of Bodyguard will be a photo finish if Ra.One shows the normal growth expected on Sunday.

This is comparing like for like and the Hindi version only.

Sunday is likely to tell where the film is going, a good 25% jump will mean it will do good on the weekdays but if it is flat or just a 10-15% jump then weekdays are likely to see dropping collections.

Ra.one Updates – 57 cr nett in 3 days in india and 19 cr overseas in 3 days .

Ra.one collected a record breaking 57 cr in 3 days only in india .

This is the highest gross by any indian film in 3 days beating bodyguard’s  52.30cr   3 day record.

Ra.one has broken all records in overseas too…by collecting 18.78 cr in 3 days in overseas.

Ra.one UPDATED Figures – First 3 days .

INDIA – 57 Cr [ all versions ]

OVERSEAS – 18.50 Cr .

Worldwide – 75.50 Cr.

Biggest Grosser [3 DAYS ] Of Indian Cinema History So Far .

Ra.one Actuals Facts By Mujtaba Azim , cinema analyst .

Ra.one Actuals Facts By Mujtaba Azim, Trade and cinema analyst

1 .    Total cost is not 150 cr as rumoured to be ..its `135-140 cr .

Production cost – 100-105 cr .
p&p – 35 cr + brands tie ups .

Total Cost – 135-140 cr .



2  .  Opening of Ra.one was of 55-55% on first day while 90%-95% on day 2 .



3 .  Ra.one is the biggest first 2 day grosser of indian cinema history with a collection of 41 cr nett including all versions from 2400 cinemas .


4 .    Ra.one Reviews have been Highly Mixed .
The Movie’s ratings on Concise Public scale is only 4.95/10…while Bodyguard made 5.25/10.



5 .     Ra.one is all set to become the biggest 3 day grosser of indian cinema with an estimated 57-60 cr in   3  days …breaking bodyguard’s record of 52 cr….

©Concise Boxoffice.

Ra.one Rocked Cinema halls all over india – 100% all over india ,overseas huge .

Rajasthan – 95 %

Noida – 95-100%

Gurgaon – 100%

Delhi – 95-100%

Mumbai – 90%

kolkata – 90-100%

South India – 60%

Other parts of North india – 75%

Central india – 80%-90%

Pakistan – 80-100%

UAE – 90%






Delhi shows reached 100% after a 60% start at early morning. Single screens Rajasthan is 90% morning. Mumbai is almost 90% on average since morning .



Noida and gurgaon is 100 %, while south india is decent with 65% .Rajasthan is all time BIGGEST SINGLE SCREEN opener for Ra.one



Kolkata is expecting an all time biggest opening in history .

Ra.one Rocked Cinema halls all over india – 100% all over india ,overseas huge .




Khiladi Kumar Is Back !!

Akshay Kumar Next film ‘Khiladi 786’ to be produced by him and Himesh reshamiya , WHICH WAS previously titled as ‘ punjabi Rajneekant ‘

The film Releases Diwali 2012 with SRK’S next Romantic film opposite katrina .

Story and Music by Himesh Reshamiya .