Don 2 Has Strong 47 Crore Nett Plus Weekend

Don 2 has had a very good first weekend of around 45 crore nett plus for its Hindi version. The approx collections were 14 crore nett on Friday, 14 crore nett on Saturday and 17-17.25 crore nett on Sunday. The Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions have added around 1.50 crore nett over the weekend.
The business has been best in places like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata and Bangalore while CP Berar, CI and Bihar have recorded figures that are well below the mark for a big event film. Sunday saw a big jump in single screens in UP and Gujarat but it is probably due to Christmas day holiday as long term single screens may not sustain.

Don 2

Don 2 is a winner but the weekdays will determine if it can get over the 100 crore nett mark, for that to happen the week will have to finish around the 70 crore nett mark, a first week finish more closer to 65 crore nett will probably mean a 90-92 crore nett final total.

Hindi – 45.5 Cr

Tamil/Telegu Versions – 1.50 Cr.

Total – 47 Cr Nett


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