A look at bumper lineup of Akshay Kumar in 2012

Ormax has recently conducted a survey all india level among the real world cine geors to judge the reach of unpromoted films and it may suprise many that the result is that out of 10 most awaited films next year 5 belong to akshay kumar aka mini industry:D

lets have a look those akshay films…

Outim 2

Ormax reach 63%


STATUS shoot begins in march-april and will release early dec…


Ormax reach 60%

STATUS Complete and set to release on 5th april


Ormax buzz 19%

STATUS Complete and will release on 30th august

Khiladi 786 made in punjab

Ormax buzz 15%
STATUS Shoot begins this Jan and slated for a diwali release…


Ormax reach 10%
STATUS 80% complete and releases on the june 15th…

Some interesting facts have come out of this survey…

Ek tha tiger is just percent ahead of OUTIM 2…

Joker is ahead of Talaash…

P.s IMO K786 and RR are biggest akshay films next year followed by HF 2…


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