Talaash – Upcoming Bollywood blockbuster of 2012

Aamir Khan Berlinale 2011 Talaash – Upcoming bollywood blockbuster of 2012

Any Aamir khan film is always highly anticipated. After all he is one star who has emerged as the biggest game changer for Bollywood in last 10 years. His recent track record proves that he is the undisputed “Ace” of Bollywood. Hence it’s not too surprising to see his next release “Talaash” topping all the popularity charts of being the most anticipated release on 2012. Infact if trade experts are any measure to go by, this year seems cut out for Aamir Khan.

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Let’s look at some of the factors that make Talaash a hot property at box office.


Talaash is being made within a budget of Rs 40 crore and its satellite rights have already been sold for Rs 40 crore, six months before the film’s release. Thus it means that the revenue generated from the ticket sale will be a bonus which will lead to re-creating box office history.
It is Aamir’s big release after his mega hit 3 idiots in 2009. His fans are eagerly waiting to see the superstar back in action in a proper full fledged commercial biggie. Infact the excitement is so high that three fake posters of the film are doing the rounds online.

dhuaan 2011 4b Talaash – Upcoming bollywood blockbuster of 2012

This Aamir starer will be the 1st big release after IPL so needless to say the opening will be earth shattering. Plus Aamir’s brand name is sky high so possibility of a riot outside the theaters is anticipated.
The film is a thriller, a genre Aamir has never tried before. Plus the unique casting of Aamir, Rani and Kareena makes it all the more special and interesting. Fans liked Kareena with Aamir in 3i and his chemistry with Rani in Ghulam was electrifying, so to see 3 of them in 1 film will be a treat for the fans.

talaash movie aamir khan pic Talaash – Upcoming bollywood blockbuster of 2012

This is a joint venture of Aamir Khan Productions and Farhan Akhtar’s Excel Entertainment; hence the fans can expect a product of the highest quality. Aamir’s productions house is India’s most credible and successful film company and Farhan has his share of loyal fans so expectation become double.
This being Aamir’s only release in 2012, the actor is leaving no stone unturned to give it a proper release. Infact he has decided not to start shooting for Dhoom 3 before the release of Talaash. That’s because he wants to concentrate on the marketing and promotions of Talaash from April to June when the film opens.
As per surveys done on portals like Hindustan Times & Bollywood Hungama, Talaash has emerged as the unanimous choice for the most awaited film of 2012. It is important to note that not a single promo has been shown to media or public yet the film is selling like hot cake.

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A major section of audience is waiting for “Agneepath” release, just to see the promo of Talaash which is being added to the prints of this Hrithik starer. People are dying to see the 1 minute promo of this Aamir starer to be aired from Jan 26. Goes to show how big a brand Aamir is in India.
Talaash is also in news for Aamir’s remuneration. Farhan and Ritesh Sidhwani, (co-owner of Excel movies) have agreed to let Aamir pocket 80 percent of the profits from Talaash. This the highest percentage of profit sharing any superstar has received so far. Aamir will also be credited as the co-producer of the film.
Last but not the least, the film is riding high on Aamir’s huge brand name. Today his name is so big that even small budget films like Dhobi Ghaat, Peepli Live and Delhi Belly have proved to be big money spinners at the box office. Talaash being his own film as a hero will break all records for sure. Infact his name itself will bring in huge chunk of money, irrespective of the merit of the film.

The best thing about the film is that it has generated so much hype way before its official release. As and when Aamir starts promoting the film, people’s expectation will cross all boundaries.

Guess Aamir will have all the reasons to smile his way to the bank when the film opens on June 1.


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