Akshay Kumar set to create a Record In 2012

Akshay Kumar set to create a Record:
Record Updates – Akshay kumar may not have delivered a 100 cr grosser though he will pretty soon have a few to his name but there is one record which he is set to create this year and that is through Satellite rights earning of his films, yeah he is set to be the first star whose films will earn a total of 100 cr through just satellite rights.


Housefull 2 satellite rights have been already sold for a huge 30 cr to star network while Joker has been taken up by Zee for a figure of 22-25 cr.. Rowdy Rowdy was offered 38 cr but UTV is asking for 45 so even at minimum it should go for 40-42 cr…


Then there is Khiladi 786 which should also get 25 cr minimum and OMG! Should get 8-10 cr as well as it’s not a big film… So the cumulative earnings should easily go over 100 cr even if some figures are more or less and mark the entry of Akshay in this

exclusive club



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