Housefull 2 – Saturday Collections Similar to Friday !!

Housefull 2? Saturday Box office Collecitons came almost same as its Friday Collections. The primary reason for this is that there is no HOliday on Saturday for people.

Hence, a slight drop was expected but still Housefull 2 has done decent Collections. The Morning was slightly poor but the evening shows had tremendous rise in occupancy. The film was housefull for late shows at many places which helped the figure come same as friday otherwise the film would have been somewhere near 10 crores for the day.

So, the collections for Saturday are 13 crores net. This is actually good and the two day total till now is 26.75 crores which is just wonderful. However, the current figure is early estimate we would update the exact figure tomorrow.

The Film is facing tough competition from Mirza and Racha in their respective territories. And also, TItanic 3d which is doing phenomenal collections worldwide


One Comment on “Housefull 2 – Saturday Collections Similar to Friday !!”

  1. Houseful 2 is the biggest hits of the year .

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