OMG! Oh My God Has Excellent 2nd weekend .

OMG! Oh My God was excellent on its 2nd weekend as it showed no drop from the previous day with many multiplexes recording better numbers than Thursday. The film collected around 2.75-3 crore nett on Friday and a 12 cr on 2nd weekend which is just 30% lower than its 20% lower than first weekend.


The film will be one of those rare films today that will show a less than 50% fall week on week. The only other wide release to have a 50% week on week fall this year was Housefull 2. The film easily beat the new releases English Vinglish and Kismet Love Paisa Dilli on its eight day.

The film has lost around 1 crore nett business in East Punjab circuit in the first week.


Film has made 47 cr in 10 days. SuperHit


3 Comments on “OMG! Oh My God Has Excellent 2nd weekend .”

  1. its a nice movie shows that we are a lot suberistious in case of god.

  2. lucky says:

    Omg is fantastic movie akshay and paresh has done a fantastic job

  3. Sandeep says:

    Fantastic movie akshay and paresh rocks

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