Best Tv Series to watch in free time..



Here ‘s the list of my fav Tv Series which evryone should watch in free time.

1. Breaking Bad : To provide for his family’s future after he is diagnosed with lung cancer, a chemistry genius turned high school teacher teams up with an ex-student to cook and sell the world’s purest crystal meth. CHECK OUT HERE Image

2. Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (2014 TV Series)
A documentary series that explores how we discovered the laws of nature and found our coordinates in space and time.

3. True Detective (2014 TV Series) : The lives of two detectives, Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, become entangled during a 17-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana.

4. Dexter (2006 TV Series) : A Miami police forensics expert moonlights as a serial killer of criminals whom he believes have escaped justice.

5. 24: Live Another Day (2014 TV Series) :Jack Bauer comes out of hiding in London to head off a massive terrorist attack while being hunted down by American forces dispatched by President James Heller.

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