EK Tha Tiger – Business Economics

Enough has been said, spoken and written about the merits/demerits of the film. So let’s not get there. Instead, it’s time to do the hisaab-kitaab of this much-talked-about biggie…
Cost of production + Print & Advertising — 90 cr

The revenue this film has generated/will generate…
Satellite Rights — 44 cr to 45 cr
Music Rights + Home Video + Ringtones — 6 cr
Overseas theatrical share [expected] — 20 cr to 25 cr
India theatrical share [expected] — 95 cr to 100 cr
Total revenue generated — 165 cr to 175 cr
Return on investment [after deducting the cost] — 75 cr to 85 cr



Ek Tha Tiger Had a Record Breaking 32 Cr First Day | Takes Boxoffice To a New HIGH !

Ek Tha Tiger has taken opening box office collections to a new high as it has collected 31-32 crore nett as per early estimates. Its a 40% jump from the previous record which was 22 crore nett approx set by Agneepath earlier this year.

Ek Tha Tiger has shattered records all over by recording capacity or near capacity houses all over on the widest release ever.

Mumbai will come in over 10 crore for the first time. CP Berar, Rajasthan and Nizam have all crossed the 1.50 crore barrier for the first time, it was only last year that these circuits crossed the 1 crore mark for opening day with Bodyguard. Mysore may also make it to the 1.50 crore mark.


Ek Tha Tiger Boxoffice Opening – Extraordinary & Over the Top


1.EK THA TIGER took a fantastic 100% opening in Ahmedabad. Below are the audience counts and occupancies from major multiplexes in Ahmedabad..

9.00 – 314 (100%)

Cinemax Shiv………
8.00 – 64 (100%)
9.00 – 220 (100%)
10.00 – 353 (100%)

City Gold Ashraram Rd…….
8.30 – 130 (100%)
9.00 – 305 (100%

Cinemax Gandhinagar…….
8.00 – 281 (100%)
8.30 – 233 (100%)
9.15 – 247 (100%)

City Pulse Maningar……….
9.15 – 289 (100%)
10.00 – 170 (100%)
10.30 – 289 (100%)


Ek Tha Tiger had a 100% opening in Noida. Most of the early shows were full in advance. Noida has 86
screenings of the film and most shows are already full or nearly full.
Agneepath had collected 22.75 lakhs nett on 75 screenings on day one. Ek Tha Tiger is sure to cross 25 lakhs. The bumper morning opening in Noida are as follows

10.00 – 100%
10.20 – 100%
10.40 – 100%

10.00 – 100%
10.20 – 100%

Big Ansal……..
10.00 – 100%
10.40 – 100%

Big TGIP……….
10.00 – 100%
10.30- – 100%

Ek Tha Tiger First Day Predictions – 25 Cr !

Ek Tha Tiger First Day Predictions.

Film Is Aiming For 25 Cr First Day.


Buzz Updates : Rowdy Rathore & Ek Tha Tiger On a High !!!

Rowdy Rathore – 53%.

Ek tha tiger – 17%.

Teri Mri Kahani – 5%.

Talaash – 3%.

Dabangg 2 – 2%.

10 Most Eagerly Awaited Films In Bollywood History

Foreward – This post is not based on data and statistics but general media perception. any or all of these films and their place in the countdown can be challenged.


10 – ra1- blame it on the fact that sharukh khan usually doesnt do any ‘mega budget’ films (apart from ra1 i can only think of k3g and to a lesser extent kabh alvida na kehan as hugely budgtted) but sharukh khan’s only fim in the count down is at quite a low place. or it cud be the fact that in the 6 years that ra1 took in making, box office equations had totally changed and not only had salman established his clear supremacy over sharukh but even aamir was (unfairly) claiming it. (akshay has never been anywhere in the picture.) but still, with the help of a 35 cr marketing blitzkrieg sharukh manged to create huge hype and anticipation for ra1, making it one of the top 10 most awaited films, even if at the lowest ladder.


9 – roop ki raani choron ka raja- this one also was more forced by hype rather than genuine star power and anticipation in public. somewhere in the late 80s anil kapoor wass seriously trying to become no1 star of bollywood and invested all his and brother boney kapoor’s money in a stupid film. it was a boxoffice disaster but untill it released, it was highly awaited.


8 – hum aapke hain kaun- much as sooraj barjatya tried to keep it low key, the very fact that it was the second film of the atbb maine pyaar kiya filmmaker and star, and the fact that they were coming together with madhuri dixit, riding high on back to back hits like dil, beta, saajan etc made it a much awaited fim. sooraj released the film without any publicity and with 4-5 prints (at the hight of video piracy and beginning of cable piracy) and still it went on to become the second biggest hit in the history of bollywood.


7. coolie – amitabh bachchan’s accident on the sets of coolie was the main factor for its hype though it was marred to a certain extent as bachchan had had three huge flops in the year 1983 (nastik, mahaan, pukaar) justr before coolie. still the gossip that the film will show in which shot bachchan was hurt (and it did) apart from the fact that it was after all a manmohan desai-amitabh bachchan film made it into a higly awaited film. and yes it was a superhit.


6- shaan – it was the next film of sholay director. it had a huge budget and had international level technical values (yes in those days) it had a huge star cast and introduced a new villain, expected to be next gabbar. shaan had all the right reasons for it to be the most eagerly awaited films. however the film laid an egg at the box office when it released. later apparently it recovered some of that money in reruns.


5 – leader- dilip kumar after ganga jamuna and mughal e aazam, in an amibitious venture, supposed to make a strong socio political statement, vyjyanti mala as his heroine, leader had everything going for it. alas! the content was weak and the film did not perform any wonders at the boxoffice.

4. ek tha tiger – never before in the history of bollywood has a film become so eagerly awaited (apart from the top film in this countdown) merely on the strenght of its leading hero’s star power. ETT director has any track record (kabul express and new york were hardly blockbusters) its not one of the hugely buddgetted films like ra1 or even veer (by salman standards. like sharukh even salman and aamir dont waste money on hugely budgtted overambitious projects that was the wont of amitabh bachchan and anil kapoor)  nor does it have any other hype associated with it (controversy, topical theme, or any scandal etc) still on the basis of just one teaser, it can be safely said that ETT is one of the most eagerly awaited films in bollywood history, merely on the basis of salman’s star power.


3.  moter india- after films like aan and andaaz when a man called mehboob khan announces his most ambitious venture, the whole world sits up and takes notice. and mother india lived up to all the anticipation and expectations, making it one of the biggest alltime blockbuster (no 4) in bollywood history.


2. mughal e aazam- k asif had never made any films before (nor completed any after) mughal e aazam. he had been making mughal e aazam for 12 years. there was so much news about mughal e aazam, about asif having to sell his house for funds,  abaout the sheesh mahal set, about madhgubala being deliberately kept chained for a song on dilip kumar’s behest that it easily became the most eagerly awaited film of that time. and boy! did it live upto the promise. a film so grand, so artistic, so beautiful, so powerfull, so impactfull had never seen before that and there were ppl at ticket windows for a week in advance, beds, quilts and all. and wen the film released it broke all records and till date remains the 3rd biggest hit in bollywood history.


1 – shahenshah – amitabh bachchan was the top star through early 80s. and he had joined politics in 1984 and since 1986 had not haad a single release, except a special appearence in ‘kaun jeeta kaun haara’ and ‘jalwa’. there had been political victory and scandal for him in the meanwhile with him getting embroiled in bofors payback controversy and resigning from his MP seat. and he had mastered the art of media management. all of this combined made shahenshah the most eagerly awaited film ever of bollywood. there were police at most cinemas to stop any acts of violence from ticket seekers. apparently when the advance booking opened on monday morning for the fraday release there were a minimum of 2000 ppl at every single ticket counter in the country. all this at the peak of video piracy. however the film left a lot to be desired and within a week, settled to very ho-hum boxoffice verdict.



Housefull is Rocking ON ‘Buzz’ Charts

Cinematix update: Housefull is rocking ON TRENDING CHARTS

At Week – 3 Stage, Housefull 2 has the 9th Highest Ever on Buzz and 5th Highest on Appeal!