EK THA TIGER : 173 in 2 Weeks.

EK THA TIGER : 173 Cr Nett in 2 Weeks.

Film Holding up well .

Film looking for a 185 Cr Lifetime.


Ek Tha Tiger is Excellent Overseas : Makes 22 Cr in first weekend .

The pre Eid period and a non Pakistan release has kept the overall Overseas figures of Ek Tha Tiger figures below Bodyguard. United Kingdom and UAE are affected the most but the film should go strong in these markets over the weekdays and second weekend and the lifetime business of Ek Tha Tiger should easily emerge higher than Bodyguard. Below are the comparative figures for both films in major markets.

Ek Tha Tiger had very strong numbers Overseas as it collected around $4.75 million in five days. The business was a bit weak in the United Kingdom due to pre Eid period but should be very strong from Monday onwards and despite this sort of start may still do $1.5 million in United Kingdom.
United Kingdom

Ek Tha Tiger – £543,000 ( 5 days)

Bodyguard – £840,000 (5 days plus paid previews)


North America (3 days)

Ek Tha Tiger – $1,140,000

Bodyguard – $864,000


UAE (5 days)

Ek Tha Tiger – $1,200,000

Bodyguard – $1,575,000


Australia (5 days)

Ek Tha Tiger – $395,000

Bodyguard – $247,000