Actual facts about Salman khan’s Kick

Exclusive News Updates about ‪#‎KICK‬ —

(1) All The Stunts Of Salman Khan In Kick Are Performed By Tony Christian (Harry Potter fame) and Lee Milhamm (The Dark Knight Rises fame).

(2) KICK are not getting screens in TN and KERLA due to local release

(3) KICK is not getting screens in MUMBAI due to the latest RITESH starrer

(4) Songs are getting average response….Even Honey Singh couldn’t save it.

(5) Its releasing in RAMZAN time…so bound to get affected.

(6) Biggest of all — One kid died while performing the train stunt of KICK.

(7) SALMAN said lowering of JAI HO ticket price was a mistake….

(8) KICK tickets rate hiked….